Earrings Circle Of Light Silver Stud Kalevala

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Earrings Circle Of Light Silver Stud Kalevala

  • Material: Silver
  • Diameter: 9,0mm
  • Design: Tiina Arkko, Kalevala
  • Information: Circle Of Light comes in different designs of earrings and pendants.

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Kalevala History

Kalevala started 1935 in Finland by Elsa Heporautus. All the design and production are made in Finland. Environmentally-friendly production and charity is important. Kalevalas Jewelry Collection of bronze, silver and gold jewelry draws its inspiration from early Finnish history. Many of the pieces are replicas of archaeological finds dating back to early centuries A.D, the Viking era!

Circle of Light

The circle in the jewelry symbolizes friendship that provides light and warmth in life. The jewelry gives strength and joy of life to all friends.

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