In 1907, Franz Gustaf Wennberg opened a grocery shop in the mining town Kiruna, Lapland. The locals paid for their goods with their handicrafts, like knifes and wooden cups.

As the time passed, the shop turned into a store specialized on Sámi arts and crafts. At this time, the store was run by the son of Franz Gustaf, Carl Gustaf and his wife Greta.

Carl and Greta had a genuine interest in crafts, which made them great collectors.

Their home later became a museum.

Greta Wennberg is one of the most important and significant women in our history. Greta was an artist herself, and took her inspiration from the nature around Abisko in Swedish Lapland. She is one of the few women who got a street named after her in Kiruna.

The daughter of Greta, Maj Wennberg, was a textile artist with her own unique style, where she mainly made hats and gloves.

Another woman who has left a big imprint is Ingeborg Wennberg. Ingeborg devoted her entire life to handicrafts, and with her incredible language skills, she spread knowledge about Sámi handicrafts and the history of Kiruna to visitors from all over the world.

Today, 115 years later, the store is run by the fourth generation with the same vision.

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